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Silent Thunder
12-30-2003, 07:01 AM
Ok, I will admit from the start I am a newb at this. might be something stupid to answer... I have been trying to get going Flonix (60 meg version of knoppix) on my new 128 MB USB watch. I've done all of the stuff a tutorial has told me to do, but it hangs after the BIOS does its system analysis.

my computer:
-2.4 ghz P4
-512 mb RAM
-128 radeon 9000 graphics card
-built in soundblaster

what ive done so far:

-formatted drive with FAT16 filesystem
-copied kernel and other files to usb drive in win2k
-syslinux.cfg pre-configured for boot with knoppix
-run syslinux.exe -s h: (at this point DOS processed for a minute, didnt print any confirmations, and just continued...)
-set BIOS to boot FDD-USB first
-restarted computer
-bios did system checks then system just hung, with blinky cursor thingy

thx for your help

01-07-2004, 05:54 PM
1) Update your bios, if its a dell they are netorious for not truly booting via usb even though they list the item in the setup.

2) Use the boot.img floppy that is on the flonix site. This is what I do since my computer doesn't support usb boot in bios. Works like a charm with my Sony Microvault 256.

I hope this helps you out.



01-07-2004, 11:36 PM
I had problems too (Via Epia 5000), but was able to boot Damn Small Linux (derived from Knoppix) after using spblinux's boot sector. For an explanation, see spblinux document:



- tim