View Full Version : Can't locate module server: XF86_SVGA

02-10-2003, 02:57 AM
Newbie needs help. After downloading and burning 2003-01-20-en I tried to get it to run on my machine. At the splash screen the only way I could get past that was to use the cheat code "knoppix vga=normal". During autodetect I get the above message but it finishes the autodetect. The problem is that when the install procedure begins, I get a "vga not supported" message. I tried all the cheat codes that were listed in the faq and the only one that got me as far as the autodetect mode was the one above. My motherboard uses a SiS630 chipset w/onboard video. I checked the checksum and it is correct. I even downloaded and tried the 2003-01-01-en version and got the same results. Help!!!