View Full Version : Strange helpful thing Knoppix did for my WinXP desktop

01-08-2004, 09:26 PM
On my winxp desktop I lost wireless connectivity via my 2wire USB sharkfin a few weeks ago. Several tries even with the DSL tech support at SBC did not resolve problem (reinstall/reconfigure etc. for the 2wire drivers/software did nothing).

A few days ago I burned a Knoppix 3.3 cd on another machine and booted up with it on my winxp desktop. Played around with it and it was fun. Powered down, waited a minute and rebooted with WinXP just to make sure everything was ok. Norton popped up notifying me it did an automatic update -- I popped up IE and voila, internet working 100% again.

Either EEPROM/flash memory/setting was flushed during knoppix autodetection or possible ip reset (I use DHCP), does anyone have any ideas? Im leaning towards some small eeprom memory in the sharkfin USB getting flushed by knoppix.

Anyhow, I love how Knoppix boots quickly, detects virtually everything and allows me to emergency remove data from NTFS partitions to a USB device (camera, USB ext drive etc).

Thank you to Klaus for making this and thank you to the knoppix.net community for being here. I wiped a 20gb paritition and installed linux there, I look forward to configuring the USB 2wire wireless for network access for my linux partition.

Thanks all,

01-08-2004, 09:55 PM
This is from slashdot-

We had to do a little sleuthing today. Many readers wrote in with problems that turned out to be related. A certificate which Verisign used for signing SSL certificates has expired. When applications which depend on that certificate try to make an SSL connection, they fail and try to access crl.verisign.com, the certificate revocation list server. This has effectively DOS'ed that site, and Verisign has now updated the DNS record for that address to include several non-routable addresses, reducing the load on their servers. Some applications affected include older Internet Explorer browsers, Java, and Norton Antivirus (which may manifest itself as Microsoft Word being very slow to start). Hope this helps a few people, and if you have other apps with problems, please post about them below.