View Full Version : Desktop Saving Its Setting

01-09-2004, 12:58 AM
I'm not sure if you guys just ignored my thread down there so I'll just start a new one...

I have a problem..
It's those simple problems where most of us are bugged by the looks.

The desktop won't save its setting.
The CD-Rom Icon keeps moving itself to the topleft when I try to move it to the middle of the desktop.

The Hda1 Icon won't save its icon. I use another icon, then it reverts back to original when I reset the computer. I have to double click on it for it to revert to the one I want it to, and it's getting really annoying.


PS: I also have a firewall called "Firestarter". The only problem I have with it is.. why is it that everytime I boot up I double click on the script, sometime it works, sometime it doesn't, what's wrong?