View Full Version : knoppix-install error (with USB drives)

01-22-2004, 11:35 AM
Just a potential bug report here.
I did my first ever hdd install a couple of days ago and picked the wrong how-to up and used the older knx-install (or whatever) instead of the newer knoppix-installer.
Still, everything proceded fine.

I was really impressed the machines quite fussy anyway (shuttle fn41G with nforce chipset)

Anyway after messing up the install trying to get K3B>10. installed and messing up KDE (but i had to try hard to wreck it) I repeated the instal last night.
Having hung out here a few days I was aware of the never install script so gave it a go.

Basically I left my 2x USB mass storage devices plugged in.
This caused a prob with writing the MBR and somehow I was left with no initrd
I repeated it twice, same result then unplugged the uwsb devs and tried again. Third time perfect.

Just a heads up and perhaps a suggestion to be able to just redo the MBR from the installer.