View Full Version : unable to write to cruzer mini from live cd

01-24-2004, 06:54 PM
linux newbie ---- I just used knoppix 3.2 to rescue my sister's boss's data from a dead windows laptop. Since I couldn't use the cd burner, I had to upload all the files to my ftp with konqeror which was fine, yet slow...very.

I was looking here this morning and noticed posts about thumbdrives, and thought "why didn't just you use the cruzer, dumbass?!"

So now I'm on my work laptop to see if I can make it work. Well, I can browse the cruzer but can't write to it...and thats what I want to do.

I have seen instructions on editing the fstab, but I can't do that from the livecd right?

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

01-25-2004, 04:34 PM