View Full Version : knoppix hangup during copy of KNOPPIX for remastering

02-11-2003, 06:10 PM

when i try to remaster knoppix, the systems hangs while trying
to copy the KNOPPIX dir. my system is stable under win2k.
does anyone have an idea on things i can try to disable ?

i copy using midnight commander, and it hangs somewhere
on a lib file.

also the cp -Rp /KNOPPIX/* /mnt/source/KNOPPIX
seems to hang the system.

executing ls / on the alt-f2 console doesn't work after a while

i've tried knoppix, knoppix lite and knoppix kde3.1.
all hang during copying




first i booted using grub. when i dd the boot.img with a 2.4.19 kernel
to /dev/fd0 knoppix-lite does seem to be stable
most modules don't load however, because knoppix-lite is 2.4.20.

with a 2.4.20 kernel my system very often hangs during kde-startup
(at different points of the progress bar of kde).

so it seems to be a kernel problem. i'll have to figure this one
out myself i think.

maybe it's the sblive / kt133a combo. i'll post it as soon as i know