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01-29-2004, 10:21 AM
It's the greatest!
So I just went for lilo on the mbr and am dual booting winxp perfectly.
I've installed and configured all my fav things such as shadows new bittorrent, firebird, thunderbird, and adsl connection [free.fr] without any pain.

Now, I want to update everything..
I ran

# apt-get update

which ran with lots of errors until I removed a few lines in the sources.list

I then ran

# apt-get install

but don't think it did anything even though no errors were returned and it took like around 30mins to downloads lots of stuff..

Most s/w such as airsnort/mozilla and most dependencies of other stuff I installed of these still were at old revisions.

So finally a direct question:
How do I correctly configure apt.. any better examples than the default one.

And another question:
as I'm doing lots of illegal things, such as running unlicensed sco code, can anyone recommend a firewall tool.. I hate IP chains cli firewalling, is there any newbie style ones like sytrans on winders?

Anything else you want to add or suggest to install?!

Way to go!

01-29-2004, 10:45 AM
The 'apt-get install' command requires you to tell it what package(s) to install. Did you mean to say 'apt-get upgrade'? Also, personally I prefer just to update the apps I use alot and install the missing ones I need. I don't ever use the 'apt-get upgrade' command.

As far as firewall apps, there's guarddog and firestarter. Guarddog uses the iptables I believe, but is GUI-based. Firestarter seems to be the easiest to use from what I can tell, but doesn't seem to have near as many features.