View Full Version : S3 Savage4 Video - not supported??? (resolved)

02-06-2004, 06:09 PM
I have dug, and dug, and dug, even though Knoppix v3.3 thinks my video card is a Prosavage KM133 - I finally found the manual for my motherboard, and it states that on-board video card is a S3 Savage4 - unfortunately, upon looking in Control Center, under Video Cards, a Savage4 card is not supplied.

Considering the video card on the motherboard can handle 3d, and 2d, with faster acceleration than what Knoppix thinks it is -=- I would like to get something as a driver for what my video really is...

Trying to do a search on Knoppix.Net for a topic related to "savage4" - I get a Subject of "kernel updating" and my key word "savage4" - the Google hit says that the topic/thread was someone trying to load savage4.dri into a Knoppix 3.3 kernel, but when I click the link, or copy/paste the topic/forum web addy into mozilla - I get a Subject of someone trying to change the language of Mozilla to Spanish, or a 404 Not found message...

All I want to do is get the driver support for my "real" video card - and hope that it does a lot better than the driver that Knoppix thinks it is - If someone knows a "alternate" driver, that provides the same equivalent of support, please help me out.


02-06-2004, 07:47 PM
If this is a hard drive install (as I assume since you posted in this forum) go to http://www.probo.com/timr/savage40.html and download the 1.1.27t of savage.o and 4.3.99 version of XFRee. Put them where the instructions say and then see what you get. Look in XFRee.log in the directory /var/log to see what it thinks the board is when XFRee starts the next time. There will be a hex code ID of the board when it starts and that unequivocally tells you what the board is.

Note this will only give you 2D support. The 3D support is still being worked on, but I see on the DRI mailing list today the author has got his first rough cut of integrating 2D with 3D support ready, so I know what I will try this weekend.

I have no problem having mine recognized as a Savage4. My card is an AGP card instead of builtin to the motherboard so maybe that makes a difference.

02-07-2004, 04:47 PM
Thanks Worm,

The site, and the driver did the trick :!:

BTW - yes, I did the knx-hdinstall, and having been running Debian/Knoppix only since End of December. ( just trying to learn a new OS, coming from a long-standing Win background :oops: thats all )