View Full Version : USB in Kernel 2.6.2

02-07-2004, 07:00 PM
so i'm having a few problems getting the kinks worked out of my 2.6.2 upgrade... i've gotten it to compile nicely and gotten it installed and bootable. but i get a few weird errors and have some problems.

1. it says module ext3 not found when booting. (i have it compiled into the kernel... should i compile ext2 into the kernel and use ext3 as a module?)
2. my soundcard doesn't get detected. i installed the correct drivers for ALSA into the kernel... should i enable OSS for backwards compatibility?
3. my USB doesn't work. i have a USB mouse, so it is very important i get it working. i've seen references to the modprobe.conf file for this problem, but i'm worried that if i change the loaded drivers, the 2.4 kernel won't work if i have to use it for something.

can anyone help?