View Full Version : Printer problem

12-09-2002, 09:30 PM
I have run Knoppix from CD. I have configured network card and printer. They all worked seamlessly from the CD. Then I installed it with that setup to hd. Network card works fine. But my printer doesn't work anymore. I tried to confiugre it. But when I send a job to printer, nothing happens. I checked error_log file and it tells me that foomatic_gswrapper failed. I don't have the exact message. I'm at work now. The GNU Ghostscript version is 6.53. If it works off of the CDROM, it should be working when installed on hd. Something is not being configured right. Any comments, help is appreciated. Also I'm having a problem with Kmail. I'm running smail MTA. I can receive email but can't send it. I checked the log file for errors and it says "Domain of sender username@hostname doesn't exist.". How can I fix this problem.