View Full Version : sis6215c display card gives me problem knoppix can't run

02-16-2003, 07:23 PM
please help
i got cd of knoppix from my college wher Richard Stallman has given seminar last friday.
Cd don't work..
i got pc of following configuration
Celeron 266Mhz
sis6215c display card ****this is not detected probably
20gb samsnug hdd 4 partition
creative cdrom 40x
lg studioworks monitor
win88se installed

i have enabled boot from cdrom option BIOS setting . my system gets boot then it shows Knoppix 1st screen(something black colour) it prints 'boot _' asks me to type something. i type configuration command like knoppix desktop=gnome or lang=us
even i tried for xserver=XFree86.later it loads some two file limus.gz like ..says 'Ready' after nothing happens . i waited for long time system shows only black screen.
plese help me