View Full Version : Problem with sound, failed emu10k1

02-16-2003, 08:04 PM
First off, Knoppix rocks. I can finally learn more about Linux without having to commit a hard drive to it :)

I have a sound blaster audigy x-gamer card, as well as onboard sound. I tried running a modconf and installing emu10k1, but it said failed to open modules.dep for writing and it fails. I made sure everything was said to read-write mode, sure not to have readonly enabled, but still no go. I also tried this with my onboard sound and same problem.

And secondly, but not as importantly, I tried running knoppix on my laptop, but the screen is very dim and hard to read, is this just an LCD problem?

PLEASE help with my sound, I'll be on Knoppix all the time if my sound works :-D


02-25-2003, 08:16 AM
make sure "plug n' play OS' option is turned off in your bios options.

i have a sound blaster live 4.1 that did the same thing after i enabled this option.