View Full Version : knoppix 2/16/04 hdd install

02-18-2004, 05:59 AM
downloaded the iso and installed with knoppix-installer script. got a whole lot of copy errors while copying the files from the cd to the hd. first time, it couldn't recognize my password. checked the media, it was ok. used knoppix-installer for the second time, same listing of copy errors, but this time managed to login. ran apt-get update to get the lists up to date. when i ran apt-get dist-upgrade had an error (1) with dpkg. i pretty much gave up on it when i ran knx-hdinstall. this time it worked like a charm. no copy errors during the installation. once installed no error with apt-get. point being, that the knx-hdinstall script should stay just in case fabian's script fails.

aside from that, i'm a happy knoppix user.

02-22-2004, 06:35 PM
I have just had a similar experience - just posted about my failure with knoppix-installer and knx-hdinstall in now setting up without error. But this older one doesn't give the option of debian type install. Perhaps a future release will fix the knoppix-installer and I can reinstall since the partitions are all fixed with cfdisk?