View Full Version : 3.4 ct HD based install- reposted to the correct thread

03-08-2004, 03:09 PM
I am trying to make a HD based system that boots from LILO. Not the Knoppix-installer install Knoppix type. The manual install that only takes up 750 meg on the drive. The method listed in the docs worked for 3.3 but 3.4 won't boot up. Some error about the boot image is protected.
On my spare computer I have a 2 gig hard drive. the first partition is 250 meg swap The second partition is the 800 meg for Knoppix. The third partition is a 350 meg encrypted home directory. The fourth partition around 600 meg is an unencrypted home directory.
Any ideas? could it have something to do with the isolinux syslinux switch on the new distro?
If it can boot from the CD there should be a way to get it to boot from the HD

03-15-2004, 07:16 PM
Figured it out myself, thanks anyway