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03-12-2004, 06:53 PM
Installed 3.3 to the HD, read the security sticky.

The link suggests adding sites to download from, but should we add all 3 they seem to be for different releases?

After installing, I did a
apt-get update
with the original list then a
apt-get -s upgrade
and it wanted to install or upgrade 255 apps, some from differnt releases, should we do that, do I need to add sources to the list for security?

Can someone clear this up, I think 3.3 is a Woody (testing) release, not Sid (unstable)?

03-13-2004, 12:34 AM
Put this in you /etc/apt/apt.conf and post the output of the apt-get -s upgrade.

APT::Get::Show-Versions "true";

We just need to see this part here:

The following packages will be upgraded:
apt (0.5.22 => 0.5.23)
apt-show-versions (0.05 => 0.07)
apt-utils (0.5.22 => 0.5.23)
base-config (2.13 => 2.14)
console-common (0.7.35 => 0.7.36)
console-tools (0.2.3dbs-48 => 0.2.3dbs-49)
cpp (3.3.2-2 => 3.3.3-2)
debianutils (2.6.2 => 2.7.2)
dpkg ( => 1.10.19)
dpkg-dev ( => 1.10.19)

Generally speaking you should be alright doing an upgrade it is when you dist-upgrade that you can run into trouble with Knoppix.