View Full Version : Knoppix Winmodem support via linmodem?

02-20-2003, 11:38 PM
I'm quite pleased at how well Knoppix is running on my Dell Inspiron 8200 notebook. The only hiccup so far has been the inability to use dial-up (which I am unfortunately limited to at home -- it recognizes the office Ethernet handily enough, though).

The Inspiron 8200 has a Winmodem. (I know: the fact that it's a Winmodem means it's at least partially a software issue, but modem problems seem to fit better in this Hardware forum.)

A little web research (thank you, Google) led me to http://www.linmodems.org. A Linmodem is a Winmodem than can be used with a Linux or open source driver.

I've confirmed (via this database: http://www.idir.net/~gromitkc/20030123a.html ) that the Actiontec MD560RD internal Winmodem uses the Conexant chipset and that there are Linmodem drivers ( http://www.mbsi.ca/cnxtlindrv/hsf/ ) available that may make my Winmodem work under Knoppix.

My question: How the heck do I get the Linmodem driver installed under Knoppix???

02-23-2003, 03:35 PM
Im also trying to make my Conexant (formely rockwell ?) HSF modem to work on my toshiba laptop.
I let ya know when i got it figured out :)

11-26-2003, 01:07 AM
I have a lucent/agere chipset modem in my linux box and I went through all kinds of trouble trying to get it to work. I finally got it to work and I'm viewing the internet on it right now :D. The issue i had is that my modems interrupt was set to 0. In my case, it won't let you use the modem if the interrupt is 0. If your interrupt is set to 0, you have a few of solutions that i know of.

1. If possible through your bios, force the card to use a different interrupt.

2. In your bios, change the setting "PNP OS" to no.

3. If possible change the pci slot that the modem is in, it should give it a different interrupt (yes,
i know that your issue is with a notebook... but i figured i'd throw that in there for anyone else that may have use of it)

I hope that solves your problem(s) or atleast gets you started on your way to a functioning linmodem.