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03-14-2004, 06:48 AM
Hello folks,
I'm posting this here, because I've looked for hours and got nothing but sorta-like answers.

This question was asked in February by "pepesz" under /viewtopic.php?t=8440. "knoppix can't see disk connected to promise ultra100 tx2", and nobody responded, from what I can see.

Anyway, I have a new hard disk (Hitachi Deskstar 7K250) that is 82.3GB. My computer is a Compaq Deskpro EP Series with 496MHz Celeron Processor, 256MB RAM, i810 Intel Chipset and currently has a Maxtor Diamondmax 20GB hard disk.

The Bios is a 686J v.310 updated around 4/2000. Now, this Bios can see the 20GB disk fine (reports 20020MB), but when I put the 7K250 on it only sees 16873MB. This is another wall different from the 32Gig wall, some buffer overrun makes the Bios ignore the first 64GB and it only reports the balance over 64GB, thus 16873. So I called up Hitachi and they said to get an Ultra ATA/100 controller card.

What I found out: Windows (and the Bios) see the card as a SCSI Mass Storage Device, so even though the 7K250 is a Parallel IDE Ultra ATA/100 Drive Windows (& the Bios) sees the drive as a SCSI drive mounted off of the motherboard, but will be seen as drive C:\ if it is the only one on the computer. However, KNOPPIX sees it as drive /dev/hde (a SCSI drive designation). But qtparted and cfdisk can't mount it!!

I would like to partition this drive with Knoppix and do a Hard Disk Install. So from what I read there should be a boot parameter that you can give, that will allow Knoppix to mount hde,hdf,hdg drives (especially since the card takes all of the drives off of the motherboard, other than the CDRW and CDROM which is still attached to the motherboard).

Does anyone know the proper command to write at the BOOT PROMPT? Also if I get Knoppix on the HDD do I need to do anything in Debian to get it to work off of the controller Card?

Any help would be appreciated. This has turned into a week long project with no end in sight!

Thanks for your help,
Ed (e.newed)
PS:the Maxtor card is a Promise Ultra100 TX2 Card.(they're exactly the same, only the names have changed) :roll:

04-09-2004, 05:08 AM
Any luck finding how to get knoppix/kanotix to 'see' the drives on a Promise Ultra100TX2 card?
/dev/hde, /dev/hdf, /dev/hdg, /dev/hdh <- can't find or mount them

04-11-2004, 05:20 AM
Dear Pigwot,
I almost forgot about this post. What I ended up doing was downloading the Knoppix 3.3 from 2/16/04. I was trying to get the 3.3 version from 9/23/03 to recognise /hde and it wouldn't. The 2/16/04 version recognized the drives immediately.

Anyway, what I found out in my searching is that the drive /hde must be put in the "fstab" file that runs at startup. What happened was the new version recognized the drives during the detection process and put the lines in the "fstab" file on its own.

Hope that helps.

e.newed :lol: