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03-14-2004, 11:52 PM

I'm new to Knoppix yet I'm using it via CD right now to post this thread. I have been trying for the past hour and half to get it installed to HDD with BIGTIME confusion. The disk I'm using is a 6gig with no fancy partitions or anything on it.. it had WindowsXP installed on it so I guess you can say it actually does have a fancy partition (NTFS) but anyways. I'm getting lost as hell trying to use this QParted thing to do all the millions of little and big partitions that linux has to have and I'm not understanding one damn bit of how this program works. I put this CD in the drive booted to Knoppix and issued the command "sudo knoppix-install and it came up saying that it hath detected some steps that need to be done before installation (hence the partitioning) so I agreed to move on to do this task for it as it requested and it pukes up this QTParted program that, if my mind hasn't failed me requires a degree from MIT inorder to know how to use. If someone has such a degree from said Institute could you please tell me in the MOST lament and n00bish terms possible to get this damn HDD partitioned for this installation to continue so's that I may enjoy the creamy goodness of which is Knoppix.
Thanks from OMFG!!

Nevermind hehe.. just got my degree.. found out i wouldn't clicking on "Commit" hehe kthnx

03-15-2004, 01:02 AM
Lol, it confused the hell outa me too.

I only had 1 partition, and I couldnt find a good linux program to split it.

I think the easiest way is using a program called fips

Unzip it in C:\fips\

Then Start > Turn off Computer > Restart in MS DOS mode.

once ur in dos, enter:

cd C:\fips\

You can then follow some instructions and split the disk where u want.

Once uve down, write the partition, and reboot into linux. From then you can hdinstall and hopefully the partitioning will make more sense.

03-15-2004, 06:26 AM
You could always use knx-hdinstall instead.

Or else, run cfdisk /dev/hd(?) first.

You say
it had WindowsXP so can we assume that XP is no longer on your system?

You want 3 partitions (ideally -- you can get away with 2, but a seperate /home is a very good idea):

/ 3 - 4 GB (Linux)
swap no more that 500Mb (Linux Swap)
/home (as big as you like) (Linux)

I make everything a "real" partition.

You can then fire up knoppix-install and -- with a bit of luck -- you won't have to use QTParted. [/quote]