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03-17-2004, 01:53 PM
Im newbie for Knoppix|Linux. (i have ver. 3.3 RU)
Knoppix is very intresting for me and i wanna have HD with it.
I dont want to do full install and want only "compressed" OS on my HD.
I did 4 partitions on HD:
1. 250MB - for HomeDir, Saved configuration(s) and installed programs [Primary][ext2]
2. 750MB - for files from SD(ver3.3) [Primary] [fat32]
3. 500MB - for linux cache [Primary] [Cachespace2]
4. {Any size}- For my data files music/video/docs/e.t.c [logical] [fat32]

I want to
1. Plug this HD to any PC and autoload saved preferenses and homedir on startup.
2. On Shatdown autosave preferenses(configs) and homedir
3. have ability to simply remake compressed OS - add to it my configs|installs|e.t.c(may be delete some-thing) and compress it back - on partition 2 (from 4(?)).
4. have ability to update Knoppix - no only rewrite file with compressed OS - bat if exist installed progs - they must be keepd.

I used HdBasedHowTo (1.2 chapter), but on LILO-stage my work was stopped :(

Any-Bady knows any auto-scripts for doing such HD?

03-17-2004, 02:35 PM