View Full Version : hdd check forced, not repairable

03-21-2004, 10:57 AM

i had a problem with my power supply, so my laptop was powering down because of low battery... after that happened, it didn't get out of the "sleep" mode anymore. I had to restart it.

now it says my hda2 "contains a file system with errors, check forced."
knoppix starts the check tool but stops at about 90%.
'..' in /lost+found/#174384 (174384) is <The Null inode> (0), should be /lost+found (11) .

then it comes up with "root@(none):/#"
it says i have to run fsck manually. I did that several times. the hdd is not mounted by knoppix. i also tried to run e2fsck with the mounted hdd, but that didn't help either.

the problem is, that the link of this directory is broken somehow. i can't rm it manually nor shred it because of the "not existance".

can someone please help me?