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03-24-2004, 08:37 PM

I'm on the 2.6 Kernel running Knoppix 3.3 via debian installer using "knoppix-installer".

I love knoppix as it makes a great debian installer for those of us who don't know everything about linux :).

I just did my second apt-get update/upgrade since installing it about a month ago and after each upgrade i notice a lot of programs starting up, espicaly net services, that i dont want so i just apt-get remove <item> =) however, KMIX starts up each boot with a panel of sliders (volume control) and i just don't want to see that upon each bootup.

And of course, small things bother me. For example, each time i play something using KMIX the sound bar is at half. So i slide it to full. open/close it and then try to play something else. The bar is at full...

I restart and it's back to half. I was thinking that i need to create a persistant directory...however, if i do, must i run that config script each time i change someting? and what about sysconfig??

However, i would assume that because it's a HDD install that i wouldn't have to do that.

Thanks for any help.

Durand Hicks
03-24-2004, 09:16 PM
Apt-get install those programs you removed in response to them being started. If you didn't want them to start upon your next boot up, open a shell console as root and type:

update-rc.d -f package remove

where package is the package being started. That will remove the symlinks in the rc#.d directories. If you need to put them back, you can use sysvinit (graphical utility) or open a shell console as root and type:

update-rc.d package defaults

and the symlinks will be created for starting programs at boot with the default number of 20.

As for kmix, to set the bars at a preset level, you need to set it in two places:
1) From kmix itself, set your bars to a level you desire, and then click on settings, then set volume levels as default.
2) From kcontrol, go to sound & multimedia >sound system >mixer tab > click the save volumes button and put a check on load volumes at login.

You're done and your sounds will start at the level you desired.


03-24-2004, 10:30 PM


The services that i uninstalled are services that i won't ever use, aka apache, ssh, dns...however, that information is invaluable.

Thank you.