View Full Version : General fiddling before an intended HD install [SOLVED]

colin stewart
03-29-2004, 06:41 PM
Hi All,

Lately I've been doing rather a lot of re-runs of the HD install, some better than others as I learn. I was wondering about making a partition or two on my HD to hold the knoppix distro and the next one 3.4 if/when that's ever available. :wink: :roll:

The idea would be to speed up the tinkering rate as I try to discover my optimum cheatcodes so the install ends up closest to how I want it. Can I do that and what should I read up on to understand it?

It sure looks hard to do - I now have a floppy drive available for a short while too, would this help at all.?

I'd like to save my cheatcodes to another media that isn't wiped everytime so I can change one setting at a time and observe if the results are what I would like or not. I see posts which suggest that something like this can be done, but there's not been enough detail in them so far for me to actually do it, or I've found other posts with stuff which is over my head, so I'm looking for a middle ground which I can first understand and then build on.

[EDIT:SOLUTION] Installed XP for now, will await further development of Linux. Anyone got any estimate of when Linux is due to be finished? :wink: