View Full Version : hdinstall to different partitions with xfs-filesystem

04-21-2004, 09:42 PM
I just tried to to a HDinstall of knoppix3.4 Cebit edition.
But it seems the knoppix-installer script doesn't support xfs-filesystem.
I think this is very strange as knoppix normaly always comes with kernel with xfs-patch ( no need for that patch if you cannot install to a
partition that is already formatted as xfs)
I have a partition /home adn /MP3 that are formatted xfs and with data
on it that I don't wanna loose, and I don't want to run to different filesystems.
Does anybody know how I can do a HDinstall on partitions that are already formatted XFS ?

04-23-2004, 12:09 AM
Easy. http://kanotix.com/info/index.php

04-23-2004, 12:42 PM
so do you mean I should install kanotix instead pof knoppix?

04-23-2004, 06:33 PM
so do you mean I should install kanotix instead pof knoppix?

Well........ yes and no. Actually I wasn't suggesting that although I do feel that it makes a much better hdd installation that Knoppix does. What I was pointing you to were the directions for using the installer to install Linux to multiplepartitions. It is the same installer for Kanotix as is in Knoppix therefor the .knofig file is the same. Just edit that file. If you have any problems just post back or maybe you can find me on #kanotix or #xfce

04-23-2004, 07:23 PM
I did change the .knofig file and specified the filetype for root as xfs,
but when running the knoppix-installer script afterwards, it complained about
unrecognised filetype: xfs