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05-01-2004, 05:15 PM
ok im guessing that the version i got the sudo knx-hdinstaller doesnt have screen options and shit it just does the partion stuff and thats it i cant get a swap..........so where can i get the right version?????

05-01-2004, 05:34 PM
Instead of using that tool do the following, as suggested from a different user, which helped me a lot.

You will need 3 partitions. I suggest use cfdisk (launch a terminal window an type "sudo cfdisk", the sudo part is for simulate that you are root. If you type only cfdisk, you are the usr KNOPPIX, who doesn't have enough privileges to do this) QTParted is somewhat unstable.

This will launch one screen in text mode. IF you only have your empty disk in your machine, It must appear here. If you have more hard disks in your machine I suggest strongly to desconnect the other disk, because the risk to erase something is high.

If you hdd (hard disk drive) is empty, then, there must be highlighted one line saying "freee space" and the size of your hdd.

Well, let's create your 3 partitions:

1. On the free space line, move the menu in the botton with the left and right arrows. Select new, then primary. The size recommended for this is at least 2.2 gb, but I'll leave 2.5 to 3.0 gb Gb. Then, you must have two lines in you hdd. One: "hda1", you newly created partition, "second" your remaining free space. Still on "hda1" select type. There are nearly 100 options. Select the type of your partition. "Linux" is fine. The code is 80something..

2. Select the free space using up and down arrows. Select new partition, then "logical". This will be your /home partition. We still need to create Linux Swap. This one will have the double of the size of you RAM, so If you have 512 Mb in ram, Linux swap will have 1 gb. So, the remaining space in your hdd must be in this partition. The type of this partition could be the same than hda1. This partition will be named "hda2"

3. Finally, the swap space. Use the remaining 1 Gb left and in type select "Linux Swap".

Finally select write, and you are done

05-01-2004, 06:19 PM
does it matter that i have knoppix std??????