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  1. unwanted change of Adriane's voice among applications (hdd install knoppix 7.4.2)


    I have Adriane (Knoppix 7.4.2) installed on HDD (with 0wn). I'm trying to set up a synthetized voice suitable and comfortable for my 87 year old father. Default voice is not clear nor...
  2. Thanks Werner! It worked as you said. ^_^...

    Thanks Werner! It worked as you said. ^_^

    -- Knoforus
  3. After HDD install Adriane option boots in graphical mode, without usual menu


    I've installed Knoppix to hard drive using 0wn. I want to set it up to boot in Adriane mode, and tweak the menu for my father.

    I tried to add "adriane" at Grub boot line, but it keeps...
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