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  1. Please help How can I mount the partition that I booted knoppix.iso in Knoppix

    Hi all..
    I am new on Linux.
    I prepared an usb flash includes diffrent Knoppix Distros.
    I used Grub4Dos for boot Knoppıx 7.05 DVD.iso
    My USB flash is like this.
  2. Just last question. 1-How can I remove all...

    Just last question.
    1-How can I remove all packages other than drivers and install VBox.OSE from knoppix. ?
    2-Where Knoppix locates Virtualbox configuration files ?
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    Knoppix 6.4.4 And VirtualBox.OSE

    1- Before I was using Knoppix 6.2.1 and I was reaching virtualbox from KMenu(K) > System Tools > VirtualBox.ose
    But in 6.4.4 VirtualBox is missing. When I check package manager. It shows...
  4. 1-I know flash issues. But the option I have to...

    1-I know flash issues. But the option I have to pu in my pocked is that :)
    Because of that I am using Corsair FLash Voyager 32GB UFD and planning to buy 128GB one.
    It's fast anough to run...
  5. Carrying Full Windows PC inside USB Flash Disk Via Knoppix NEED A LITTLE HELP

    I did manually it. And I succeed.
    But I want to automate tasks for peoples who new about Linux and Knoppix (Like me)

    What I did is That.
    I used USB Flash Disk (32 GB Corsair Flash Voyager...
  6. I solwed. Thanks for Help ;)

    I solwed. Thanks for Help ;)
  7. How to Install&Boot Knoppix From 2nd Partition of USB Flash Disk

    I am new about Linux And Knoppix. I have bought a Flash Voyager 32 GB Flash Disk.
    I seperated UFD into two partitions. My idea is Installing Knoppix to 2nd partition and boot from there.
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