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  1. I want the French keyboard at the boot prompt...

    I want the French keyboard at the boot prompt offering various options before loading Knoppix.

    To get a French keyboard with knoppix I've modified the "lang=us" with "lang=fr" in the...
  2. Nope Sherlock :p Absolutely not the same...

    Nope Sherlock :p

    Absolutely not the same subject !

    On the DF subject I am speaking about internet connexion with Knoppix 7.6.1 , here it's a hardware (Driver ? paquet ?) problem with Knoppix...
  3. Can i do this to get a french keyboard ?

    keytab-lilo fr > fr.kbd

    is this command line correct ?

    where does the file will be created ?
  4. iPhone USB plugged not detected wtih Knoppix 7.7

    Hi all,

    I am booting with Persistent Live USB Knoppix 7.7

    and when I plug my iPhone on the usb port, Knoppix don't recognize it (not charging).

    during the boot prompt, it's functional, the...
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    Hello KNOPPIX World

    I am a new French member and also a new Knoppix user. Hello everybody, I am really happy to be here with you :cool:

    I am using an USB Live with persistence of KNOPPIX 7.7 and I am also a...
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