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    Threads use question ... or suggestion

    New user, using 6.2 cd/dvd ... just installed on USB
    I've been (for hours upon hours) cruising these posts, and I've got to say it is extremely dificult to find what is relevant on these 'latest'...
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    about the boot 'speed train' of the Knoppix live cd/usb run...

    [QUOTE=Werner P. Schulz;122448]... You must be quick, Knoppix isn't waiting very long :-)
    < Just wondering ... is there a manner to pause/step the boot? is like a 'expert' install where each stage...
  3. still looking for solution?

    google Hirens Boot Cd.... get ver9 if you can its the better. This is a bootable cd with the tools in a usable gui, to rescue MBR, rewrite MBR, format, and even do low level AV scan. There are...
  4. have 17 on hand .....

    yup... I'm an OLD user, starting back in the TI99 and amiga day's. First real computer was this room sized monster @Notre Dame ( I was just six, my 'guardian' was the dean of math at the time). I...
  5. uhh what am I missing here?!

    I got terminal .... entered chvt 1 and got an error out to prompt. so, input passwd knoppix and got prompted for the current password ... which we do not know! so, again how to change it so I do not...
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