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  1. How can I force one of two KNOPPIX filesystems to be detected

    I have a KNOPPIX boot stick and a KNOPPIX boot laptop.
    If I insert the stick into the laptop and fire the laptop up and visit Boot Order I can require the stick to be detected.
    (i.e. perfectly...
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    v.9.1 not seeing HD partitions under /dev

    Knoppix v.9.1 does not list my HD partitions
    under /dev/; nor does it see them in fdisk -l.
    They only become visible when viewed under File Manager; then they are mounted as ...
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    init: must be run as PID 1

    Running Knoppix from a boot USB stick:
    My preference is not the default start mode (X) but at the plainest possible bash console.
    By editing syslinux.cfg appropriately I've been able to manage this...
  4. Overlay /KNOPPIX-DATA: partition is too small (

    This message occurring during boot up of KNOPPIX-Live has no deleterious consequences but it is an annoyance.
    It is probably an unintended hangover from the HD-installed version which allocates...
  5. Inexplicable emergence of boot error msg: but nothing else has changed!

    Have been using 8.6.0 on a 32G FAT32 boot stick since forever.
    Seamless. Perfect every time. No glitches.
    The stick has one partition showing as /dev/sda1. (The host HD is /dev/nvme0n1..)
    There is...
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    Activating a Bluetooth device

    KNOPPIX 8.2.0
    Nowhere in the menu architecture, on the taskbar or on the desktop, can I find any pathway to activate any Bluetooth device, (specifically a Bluetooth mouse).
    Can anybody tell me...
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    32 bit or 64 bit

    I have a 64-bit processor on a Dell 9360 machine.
    If I boot into Knoppix 8.2.0 Live from a portable drive and run simple queries as follows I get:
    $ lscpu
    Architecture: x86_64
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    On exit : dirty bit is always set

    Earlier versions of KNOPPIX always automatically unmounted any mounted devices on "halt" (init 0) or "reboot" (init 6) if the user had forgotten to do so.
    Recently (since at least 7.4.2, maybe a lot...
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    Starnge dd behaviour in 8.2.0

    Dear All -
    If I use the command fdisk -l I get the usual and expected output of the style
    Device Boot Start End Sectors Size Id Type
    /dev/sda1 * 2048 131604479 ...
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    Starting 7.4.2 is perfect; problems with 8.1.0

    I have had terrible trouble with 7.4.2 and 8.1.0 on a Dell XPS9360. Whether booting from the KNOPPIX DVD (burn iso) or from a boot USB (I use Pendrive's Universal-USB-Installer v., there may...
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    KNOPPIX past versions, on CD and/or DVD

    Sorry I know this crops up from time to time but the mirrors alter over time.
    1. Please can somebody point me to 7.2.0 on DVD? And preferably a straightforward iso download, not torrent.
    2. I can't...
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    More of the same today. Yet another "Boot error"...

    More of the same today. Yet another "Boot error" on startup. I will write this while I reformat the card as a KNOPPIX bootable drive.
    If I cannot actually understand and defeat this phenomenon, I...
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    >> What about getting a new one? Good question...

    >> What about getting a new one?

    Good question - sorry, I should have said. The device is a super-expensive 200G Sandisk micro-SD in my phone, partitioned as 8G FAT32 + 192G exFAT.
    I jut plug the...
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    USB boot device fails intermittently

    Running 7.4.2 on a USB boot device.
    The whole thing works perfectly time after time after time ...
    ... until it doesn't, and the message "Boot error" comes up.
    In the past I've tried chkdsk /f or...
  15. Booting from 64G microdisk in Blackberry Z10 phone

    Up until a Blackberry upgrade I was booting amazingly and efficiently from a 64G microdrive in a Blackberry Z10 phone recognised a a remore USB device.
    Now, following a BB OS upgrade (that I...
  16. Samsung 700T: boots YES, console YES, hi-res X NO

    Just got a horrible Samsung keyboard + detachable touch screen running even more horrible W8. Boots into KNOPPIX just fine using
    $ knoppix 2
    to get to a console but default boot or
    $ startx
  17. 7.0.5 desktop too big for screen: how to view menubar?

    Both on my Tosh L630 laptop (with/ without external monitor) and Dell Dimension 2400 desktop the startx command provides a desktop with no visible menubar along the lowedr edge of the screen and...
  18. At last 6.7.1 replaces 5.3.1 as Best Ever Knoppix

    It's taken a while but at last 5.3.1 is knocked off its No 1 spot as best ever Knoppix, replaced by 6.7.1. (Laptop boot ok? Yes. External monitor pickup? Yes. Video modes? Yes. Wireless? Yes. And...
  19. Command-line syntax : a question about cp --parents

    I cannot find (and don't know whether there is) a Forum specific to command-line syntax questions, so I'll post it here. Please put me right if I want to go elsewhere (and I apologise for wasting...
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    Are you serious? I thought current mounting...

    Are you serious? I thought current mounting procedures, for current NTFS architecture, were completely robust.
    I've been reading / writing / editing / deleting for literally years. No problems...
  21. Thank you kl522 for suggestion. Unfortunately no...

    Thank you kl522 for suggestion.
    Unfortunately no change: echo $COLUMNS $LINES reveals that initially both are set high anyway - but not implemented.
    Changing them triggered no implementation.
  22. Knoppix 6.4.3 external monitor: only 30 lines used

    I always start with knoppix 2 to get nice sparse working environment.
    All the following is *not using X*.
    Version 6.4.3 knows when my laptop is connected to an external monitor and diverts straight...
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    6.4.3 not as good as 5.3.1

    Oh dear, after the disappointments of 6.2.*, this latest version was so long anticipated. But at just 80% of the size of 5.3.1 things were not looking promising. Lots of shortcomings, but mainly, the...
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    QTParted did not work: I got an error message...

    QTParted did not work: I got an error message objecting to my apparent intention to define a partition with "-1 sectors". Curiouser and curiouser.
    In the end I used cfdisk NOT fdisk to set...
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    Using fdisk on a large device

    Yesterday I tried to format a 2TB drive using fdisk. There are 243201 cylinders and I wanted to set
    /dev/sdd1 cyls 1 - 243000 type 83 Linux
    /dev/sdd2 cyls 243001 - 243201 type 82 swap
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