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Thread: Screen/pixel checker

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    Screen/pixel checker

    I think that it would be very handy if Knoppix included a pixel and/or screen checker.

    For instance, you could boot Knoppix in a PC shop, and check a screen thoroughly before you buy it.

    AFAIK there are two programs that do this:
    Dead Pixel buddy:
    Dead Pixel tester:

    DPT has a linux icon, but i can't find a linux version. They both do not seem very complicated, and i think Wine can run them fine.

    Does anyone know a better tool, or a native Linux tool?
    A tool which checks not only pixels but also distortion etc would even be better.

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    Hi Icke

    Welcome to knoppix.
    Although I am not sure you can always get a chance to test
    out a LCD before purchase -- it sounds like a smart thing to do.
    Be sure to ask the store owner to run the disk for you.

    If you have a boot-able knoppix or kanotix disk and a DVD
    burner on the same computer you can have your disk made
    in 15 minutes. Without a DVD burner you have to burn the
    new iso to CD so it takes a little longer.

    I got DPT.exe to work with wine and to run at boot up.

    1) Boot from CD, change directory to /home/knoppix/.kde/Autostart
    Do not run wine or the DPT.exe file this time.
    We do not want a .wine configuration file to be created.
    2) Put in the DPT.exe file in this directory
    3) Make a text file called DeadPixelWine and past in this code:
    [Desktop Entry]
    Exec=wine /home/knoppix/.kde/Autostart/DPT.exe
    4) Download grow-knoppix to the home directory and click it.
    5) Put in a blank DVD , you may use a blanked RW one.
    6) Follow the script, leaving most options unchanged.
    Leaves the drives the same if your have cdrom and cdrom1
    Yes make new configuration files
    Yes for the dry-run (you must have the blank disk in place)
    Yes burn the new boot-bootable DVD

    Wine executes the exe file on boot up. Oh yes to get rid of the kicker bar
    at the bottom the screen we should: right click on the bar -->
    Configure panel -->Hiding --> Allow other windows to cover panel.
    This should have been done before step 6.

    Well my pixels are fine -- but when the screen was tested with solid black --
    wow did it look dirty! A little window cleaner did the trick.
    This is experimental software -- consider youself lucky if it works.

    Best Wishes

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