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Thread: Slow modem/dial-up - FIX

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    Slow modem/dial-up - FIX

    I am running a HD install of Knoppix 3.7 as a dual boot with Windows XP on my desktop.

    The modem is an external US Robotics 56K Faxmodem.

    Running under Windows it works OK, but under Knoppix it is very slow. The RD light remains steady and the SD flashes mostly every second. Konqueror shows the speed as around 700 B/s.

    I have tried amending the MTU and MRU and get best results with MRU down at 296 and MTU 576.

    There is an ethernet card on my PC, so I have tried
    ifconfig eth0 down
    but that has not made any difference either.

    Any suggestions please? Appreciate step by step instructions - Linux noob!


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    The fix for me was to change the connection speed for the modem.

    I had to REDUCE, that's right - reduce, the connection speed from the default 460800 down to 115200.

    With the lower speed it runs at the same speed as my M$ connection!?!

    This means Linux is OK for me and I can now get rid of M$ apart from a couple of specialist applications - yipee!

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