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Thread: How to install modem driver (Smartlink)?

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    How to install modem driver (Smartlink)?

    How to install modem driver? My modem's model is Smart link 56k voice modem.

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    I, too, have the same modem and the same problem. My modem came with the drivers for the 2.6 kernel, which I have, but I can`t seem to get it to compile properly. I tried everything the read me file said to do, modifying the Makefile with nano to point every thing in the right place and the such. I know that it is some mistake on my behalf, but that is what is so frustrating. I`m head strong and will crack the code and let you know. I`m really new to Linux, but think once I get it figured out that I will like it better than Windows. Hang in there, these forums are awesome in the way of help.

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