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Thread: Knoppix bootup stop at "Enabling DMA acceleration...&qu

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    Knoppix bootup stop at "Enabling DMA acceleration...&qu

    In my office, I have got 2 identical PC (same brand, model, Hardware). I will called them PC1 and PC2.
    PC1 have been installed with a fully working knoppix so I wanted to put the PC1 hard disk into PC2.

    But when I swap PC1 Hard Disk to PC2, it will stop booting up after this message:
    "Enabling DMA acceleration of XXXXXX"

    I know that normal booting will follow by the line,
    "Found Hardware profile at XXX"
    "copy Hardware profile to XXX"

    Can anyone tell me what is the problem around here? What can I do to solve this problem?

    Thank you so much

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    Are the machines' BIOS settings identical?

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    Hi Siking,

    Sorry for the late reply, been really busy this week.. ^^"

    The BIOS setting is the quite identical between these 2 PCs, except for the different brand of HDD, everything is the same.
    However, I have managed to get this HDD to work when I put the HDD with the working Knoppix into another identical PC (PC3)....strange...I suspect there must be a hardware difference in PC2 and it is the cause of this problem to occur.

    These 3 PC are almost identical in the sense that they are from a same brand and model and all are having integrated parts (except for HDD, CDROM-checked; is the same,RAM-checked; is the same), so this bypass I found actually did not address the problem completely. Nonetheless, they all working now, and I am grateful that they are. ^^=

    Thanks again for reply my question, siKing! ^^

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    at the boot prompt type "knoppix nodma"

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