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Thread: problem with df!!!

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    problem with df!!!

    Somehow, I couldn't get the latest version of Knoppix (January, 2003) to boot up with my
    system because it was complaining about apm.o in /lib/modules/..... even when I typed
    "knoppix noapm" at the prompt! It printed out a bunch of errors about insmod and dropped
    me in a prompt. However, the whole thing booted just fine, with KDE and all that, if I used
    an older version, August, 2002. After installing it on my harddrive using that old version,
    the "df" comand doesn't show the disk space of my harddrive (where Knoppix Linux resides)
    at all... It does however show the disk space usage for my SCSI (vfat) drive. I have tried
    with all kind of flags with df but none would work, displacing the disk space usage for the
    local disk. Does anyone have the same problem (which I doubt it) or know a way to fix that? I would like to use that command to keep my eyes on the space so I won't overfill it...



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    Do a search here and look in the FAQ, I think I linked /proc/mounts to /etc/mtab, you'll get a couple of extra lines in df but you can keep an eye on your available hd space.



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