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Thread: Realplayer, Flash...... install-script

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    Realplayer, Flash...... install-script


    i don't like these programs, but for having a populare live-linux
    solution an easy way to install such software would be nice.

    A script on the CD would get URLs of populare non-free software
    form the Knoppix-Server. The user can choose which software
    he want to use and start it. The script will make the rest.
    It should also allow to uninstall these programs.

    A version of the skript for hd-installs or Debian systems
    should give informations about alternativitis (Ogg instand rm)
    and how to use these programs more secure (own user only
    for browsing or listen real)

    Anbody here, who like to start this?

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    Well looksl like someone has already done this...sort of. Look here:

    This script was written for a customized version of Knoppix (Kurumin), but it looks easy enough to tweak and make applicable to any version of knoppix.

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