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Thread: HELP making/burning 3.4 bootable AGAIN in WIN

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    HELP making/burning 3.4 bootable AGAIN in WIN

    hi, can someone help me with this: (neither found it in docs or forum..)

    i want to burn a bootable knoppix 3.4 in win2k after extracting and modifying the .iso.
    i dont want to remaster, just edit the isolinux.cfg for cheat codes that are needed every time...

    i cant do this in linux: not enough writeable space to extract and modify..
    i extracted the whole joliet-track off the knoppix-image AND the 2 files from the bootimage-track ( and KNOPPER.NET.img) and tried a lot with nero , but cant get the bootloader to work...
    comp tries, but after the 'searching boot record from cd' (it finds 'something'..) it either hangs or boots the win-hd

    so - can someone tell me how it must be done? the specs of the bootable cd to burn, is the .img file really the boot image (nero ranames it, but keeps the content afaik)? do i need an other (free?) software?

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    Even if all you are doing is changing the isolinux.cfg, it is still a 'remaster' so you have to got through the whole create-a-iso image procedure. You won't have to create a NEW compressed-fs though as you haven't made any changes to it.
    You MUST create the iso CD image and burn it as an iso not as a regular data CD in order to get a bootable CD.

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    Maybe I've spoke too soon (again). See post on similar subject by jz.

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