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Thread: issue with knoppix 3.4

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    issue with knoppix 3.4

    ok in the past knoppix 3.3 worked fine
    knoppix 3.4 ct worked fine if i added the nodma cheatcode
    in the new 3.4 with no cheatcodes i get a segmentation fault when it does something with scsi so i added noscsi cheatcode then i got a lock up on setting up fstab so then i added nodma and it after it goes init 5 i just get a black screen....can someone please help me?

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    I can't help you, but if you can copy the bootup messages and post them, it may help others in figuring out the problem.

    I believe there are cheatcodes for disabling all hardware detection, and others that can disable some hardware detection like you are using. Maybe you can start with a more disabled system, get to the login screen, copy dmesg to floppy, then try enabling more hardware. When you get to the hardware that gives you a problem, copy the latest dmesg to floppy, then post here from another computer.

    Or maybe just wait for someone with the same problema and a solution handy

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    Subject: V 3.4 megaraid.o segmentation fault and 2.6 knoppix26

    tells us 2004-05-10 Knoppix 3.4 needs
    the noscsi of boot: knoppix26 noscsi
    less often than the 2004-05-04 Knoppix 3.4 does.

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