Quite a few months ago, America's Army was released a bootable cd that would detect settings and then run the game over the Linux operating system. This version of AA was geared for testing purposes and they didn't persue this any further. What I would like to do is make a new cd iso that will boot up, detect settings and start the new version of America's Army 2.0a over a linux operating system. With America's Army 2.1 coming out very soon (from my Beta sources), then I would also like to do the same with it.

I am going through a lot of reading now, and hopefully will have something for everyone to play with soon. However, since I have only been on linux (Knoppix) for a few weeks now and finally taking the Red Hat 9.0 installation today, it might be a little while before I can get anything out. Just let me say that any help would greatly be appreciated in this matter.

And after this, hopefully I can expand the Linux Gaming ISO library!