I'm using knoppix 3.4 (installed in hd) in my network environment: a windows nt domain with class B; a site has 172.16.100.x, other sites 172.17.100.x etc....
Windows machines can obviously browse all network because we have a wins server.
My linux has a standard knoppix installation thus it is in "workgroup" with a dynamic ip.
The problem is that I'm not able to browse all network through konquer. I configured lisa using suggested settings but it doesnt' work.
Someone could suggest me to specifiy wins server but.....I tried today mepis (running on bootable cd) and I configured my pc with a dynamic ip address. Without specify wins server I have been able to browse all network. How is possible? Surely linux can't get wins ip address through dhcp (like windows) thus, may be use it broadcast?

Finally, the question is: how must I modify lisa or samba to browse all network? Is there someone in this forum that already tried to use knoppix in a domain with multiple subnets?

Marco R.