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Thread: Help setting up firewall...

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    Help setting up firewall...

    I can't seem to get a firewall going. I've tried Bastille, Shorewall, Firestarter and Guarddog. Best I can get is a solid wall. Nothing in or out.

    Tried Webmin with and without Shorewall modules.

    I'm using 2.6.5 on Knoppix/Debian.

    Using PPPoE to my ADSL provider. IP provided by DHCP.

    ISPs DNS is

    ADSL Modem is set up as a bridge.

    eth0 -> disconnected (currently only the one system)
    eth1 -> ppp0 (ADSL) gets me into the modem in windows but not in linux?...

    It's a home system used for internet, e-mail, etc.
    No servers. No need for any external access.

    Can anyone help me with rules for iptables?

    'IPtables for Dummies' sort of stuff...

    Ride the Penguin...

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    If you don't run any server, why do you need a firewall?

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    to keep unwanted traffic from your computer. it is advisable to have one.
    i have some 10-20 pages of log/day from things atempting my computer,
    ok mostly calls to known trojans... and ofcource atempts to use known vounerabilities in misc software Outlook... and |gasp| yes even linux software, an previous version of cgiemail to name one.
    i regularly upgrade and patch my computer and have minimum of installed software (Debian and slackware, none above ~400Mb installed).
    as number of posible security holes increase with number of programs... i keep them to minimum and have a well patched kernel with a good iptables script and two firewals beween me and the net. one linux router/firewall and one D-link (for the w-lan). for more on linux security (Knoppix is basicly Debian so...)

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    . it is advisable to have one.
    I asked 'Toosmokey' why he want's a firewall, and he is running linux, not outlook or things like that.
    In my opinion, firewalls are the hype of the day.
    Most private users don't need any server, so running a firewall is the wrong decision.
    The traffic isn't away of your computer - it's on the firewall.

    If you don't listen to a port, how shall your system get affected?
    I don't run cgiemail and perhaps Toosmokey doesn't too.

    Sorry, but I cannot find an argument in your post.

    I don't start inetd automatically.
    When it is started, the services are only enabled in the local net.
    No need for a firewall at all, nor for an additional computer consuming power to make some noise and write funny logfiles.

    And I don't need a router (with an additional firewall) too.

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