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Thread: CD Won't Fully Boot Up Help!!!!

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    CD Won't Fully Boot Up Help!!!!

    Hi, I'm just trying to get knoppix running on my comp. I know the cd is fine because it worked on my roomates comp with no problems. I get the opening screen and hit enter to boot from cd. It goes through and scans everything right down till the bottom and everythign looks ok, then when it goes to the next screen, my monito goes into "sleep mode" or whatever where the monitor turns off and the power light goes from green to orange. I tried using my roomates monitor but it has the same affect. So is it my gfx card? I have a ATi 9600 Pro. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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    I've got exactly the same problem, I tried many different command lines, all it does is loading, then blank screen and nothing else happens, it's just dead, no noises, no cd or hd reading or writing, nothing.
    version 3.3 on Athlon XP 1200 with 256 MB ram

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    Try some cheatcodes.
    For instance at the prompt with boot: knoppix xmodule=ati vga=normal vsync=60

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