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Thread: WiFi Card goes bye-bye on HD install restart

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    WiFi Card goes bye-bye on HD install restart

    So, with 3.4 I decide to finally put Knoppix on my Thinkpad's hard drive. Everything goes OK, I reboot into 2.6, set everything up the way I like it. I configure my Linksys WPC11v3 just like I've done a zillion times before with other live cd distros, mostly Knoppix and DSL.

    Next time I restart, I see a bunch of text scroll by showing some of my settings with some errors, notably something about the frequency - it goes by so fast.

    When I get to the desktop, I'm not on the network. I run netcard config and guess what? Nothing found! Like my card isn't even plugged in.

    WTF is with that?

    Since there's no control panel or device manager, how do I fix this?


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    There may be more going on here than just a wifi connection problem. See this thread

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