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Thread: Sagem F@st 800 ADSL modem....

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    Sagem F@st 800 ADSL modem....

    hi there, i am new to knoppix (and linux in general) and am enjoying learning about the OS.

    However, i can't seem to get my modem (sagem f@st 800 ADSL) to work with knoppix. i note there is a driver on the sagem site for redhat, mandrake and suse.

    of these, i was considering switching to the BLAG (brixton linux action group) breed of redhat.... BUT i then noted that it will not read my existing NTFS partitions, which Knoppix, quite brilliantly does

    so my question to you all is this: will the sagem modem ever be supported under knoppix...? i dont really have any money for a couple of months to buy any new kit

    keen to learn more, but need access to the net to do so !


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    In general, there are no special drivers for redhat, suse, or mandrake.

    In detail, there might be an installation-packet for one of these distros.
    Since knoppix is based on debian, look for a .dep - Package.
    Redhat uses rpm, and you might try the rpm, if there is no .dep.
    Try rpm-> to see, if there is rpm installed.
    (-> stands for tab, to test tab-expansion)

    I don't know what kind of package-management suse and mandrake use.

    Perhaps there is a raw source -tar.bz2 or - package, which could be used.
    Try to get this, if you don't have rpm, or it doesn't work.

    Pay attention of the kernel is a much more serious question, (>= 2.6.0 or not) since the module-architekture changed with 2.6
    uname -r tells you your kernel version.

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    cheers for that, i'm follwoing up your suggestions now, nive one

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