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My goal is to use ipmasqadm in linux so i may use two windows box's to play SC in the same game on b.net. From what i've read, i've setup a simple firewall and applied the rules
link: http://www.thelinuxreview.com/howto/IP-MASQ/x1525.htm

however, when i run the script, i get "Protocol not availble." From what i've read, and gathered, this is because kernels before 2.4.x don't support this....however, what i can't understand is that i'm running kernel 2.4.6 so to me this shouldn't be an issue.

Also, when i just try to manually add a rule to ipmasqadm:

just like they have it, and i get protcol not availble.

Doesn't knoppix 3.3 come with kernel 2.4.6 and isn't that suppose to work with ipmasqadm.rpm .0.4.6?