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Thread: Knoppix as a server HDD install

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    Knoppix as a server HDD install

    Is it advisable to use Knoppix v3.4 as a hdd install for a server? I'm looking for a Debian based server distro that's as easy to setup on the hdd a Knoppix is and run Apache or Qmail. Is it going to be stable? What are you thoughts?


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    Once you do an hdd install then it becomes debian(SID-version).It no longer remains a knnoppix distro.
    So if you are ok with Debian SID then you can run this as the server.By definition the SID is an unstable version of Debian.Most of the poeple on the internet agree that debians unstable is stable then a lot of commercial distros stable version.
    So it is up to you to decide.if you really really want a stable version then go for the woody version of debian.The good thing about woody is that you get all the security patches in a timely fashion.But the flip side is that it is pretty old and might not support lot of new hardware.
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    woody with a new kernel should support things well though.

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