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Thread: how to avoid module-load on hd-install

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    how to avoid module-load on hd-install

    I installed knoppix-3.4 to my harddrive, and compiled a new kernel (2.6.4).

    It works well, but I wonder, where the modules are loaded.
    I rarely need the parallel-port, but after booting the modules:


    are allways loaded.
    I would prefer to prevent their loading, instead of writing a small script, which unloads them.
    I know how to do the second.

    I grepped in /etc/*, /etc/*/* and /etc/modutils/*/* for 'par' - and after filtering 'parameter' 'paragraph' 'partition' ... - there is no suspicious line left.
    In /etc/modules.conf I commented the line:
    # alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc
    but it didn't help.

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    It probably was called from the CUPS server. Look in rc5.d for anything like S20CUPS or something along those lines. Remove them with
    update-rc.d -f cups remove
    Then check /etc/modules to make sure parport isn't listed there. If not, then you're basically done, all you need to do is reboot to see the effect of not loading the parport module.



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    Thanks, Durand, but I mentioned my kernel, because since 2.5.53 /etc/modules.conf is obsolet.
    I mentioned as well that I grepped (I launched the 'grep'-command) for 'par' in the whole /etc -path - well only 3 levels deep to be exact.

    I didn't mention that I'm starting in runlevel 4, but that's not important, since all
    rcX.d/[SH][NN]FILES are linked to

    I looked for cups, but it's not mentioned in my initscripts. (And there is no cupsd running).

    The only thing which is run is a stripped version of knoppix-autoconfig, which might be guilty.
    I removed everything I will never use (language=spain, pcmcia, firewire, freemem-check, ...), to speed up the starttime of the computer from 60s to 30s (a 1.1 Ghz machine) for booting into the shell.

    But perhaps the PCI-probing, which finds parport0, is loading the module?
    I had a closer look to the scripts because of your reply, so it was helpful without giving the solution.

    And yes, I investigated the /lib/modules/$KVER/module* - files too.

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    This is a big issue with me. I am capable of considerable manual configuration of my linux setup on a standard linux setup, and I hate having all the choices taken out of my hand by over automation. There should be away to switch the auto configuration off and choose which modules you want loaded manually on a permanent basis to tweak the install. Perhaps it should be switched back on manually before swapping hd to another box (and then switched off again). Autoconfiguration that reinstates the same mistakes every time I boot is a drag. Can some one find an easy way to switch it off and make manual configuration persistent.

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