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Thread: Remaster :?: How to add app launcher to desktop or toolbar?

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    Remaster :?: How to add app launcher to desktop or toolbar?

    Trying to remaster my own version of Knoppix. I'm not a total Linux noob, but nowhere near expert status either. I've looked at the HowTo doc on remastering (thank you to whoever wrote it, btw), but I am not seeing anywhere if it's possible to create an icon on the Knoppix desktop or in the main toolbar that would be there by default when booting from the remastered CD.

    What I want is to replace Mozilla with Mozilla Firefox (judging from other posts, this seems to be a fairly common goal), but I want the icon for Firefox either on the desktop or on the main toolbar.

    My company brings in a "CyberCafe" (4 or 6 computers on a LAN) to industry conventions where attendees can sit down and check their web-based email or use OpenOffice apps if needed, etc. We've been using SuSE Linux up until now, but I thought it would be great to not need hard drives in these machines to avoid the potential of shipping damage to these drives. I'd much rather use a remastered Knoppix CD to power our CyberCafe computers.

    Oh! One other thing: I need to alter the XF86 configuration because the onboard graphics (S3 KM133) blacks out. From what I've found online, I need to add the "Use Bios" "no" option into the graphics driver config. Can someone tell me how I would be able to do that when creating the remastered CD? Currently, without that option, Knoppix gets to the splash screen then goes black because the refresh rate isn't compatible.

    We've got a convention coming up in a couple of weeks, so any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    This has always been the trickiest part of remastering for me. Often I wind up with missing kmenu entries, and icons in the kicker (taskbar) that do not work.

    But the basic steps are to remaster in a chrooted X environment using the default configs in /etc/skel copied into a /home/knoppix. You can then adjust the desktop configuration as you see fit.

    One thing in the latest batch of Knoppix's (that use KDE 3.2), is to make sure the /etc/skel/.local file is copied (along with many other .files)when /home/knoppix is generated at boot time by the /etc/X11/Xsession.d/45xsession script.

    I've posted notes about tweaking KDE for remastering in the past, so you might find some more detailed instructions by searching the backtrail of my posts.

    I also invite you to try out Overclockix 3.4 (original) which has both Firefox and Thunderbird. It may be what you're looking for, or it may be a better starting point as you remaster a Knoppix for your needs. Unfortunately, openoffice could not fit on this version.

    I've got a V2 that does have openoffice, but my KDE configs have gone missing. I should get that patched up shortly though, once I finish moving.

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    Thanks for the help! That gives me a much better idea of how to proceed. Thanks also for outlining some common pitfalls.

    I'll probably try to remaster my own still (being the stubborn cuss I am). I'll let you know how it turns out.

    Thanks again,

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