I have three computers: a notebook and two desktops. I have only dialup at home, and the best connection I have ever had is 31200 (probably bad wiring in my old trailer). I take the notebook with me to work, where I have fast internet connectivity.

I've had problems with 3.4 on my notebook (an old Compaq Armada E500) and am still using 3.3. I have, however, update KDE to 3.2.2 and installed a number of other packages. I'd like to keep all three computers the same, but obviously don't want to do a KDE upgrade over dialup. Is there an easy way to duplicate the notebook install to the desktops? Basically, I'd like to create an image of the hard drive and copy it to the other computers. Is something like that possible?

I know that one option is to burn the *.debs from the notebook to a CD and use them to install the apps on the desktops, but I'd rather not do that. Another possibility is to create a custom KNOPPIX remaster, but that sounds like a lot of work for three computers. I'm hoping there is an easy process.