I got Knoppix3.4 up and running on my desktop in no-time. But the problems started when I wanted to use it on my laptop: Toshiba Satellite pro4600. I will list my problems beginning with my primary problem (DHCPnetworking problem).

  • DHCP-broadcast doesnt seem to work on my laptop (I started knoppix26)! If I run ifconfig I only see the local loopback. I want to connect to the internet by dynamically receive an IP from either a NAT or a DHCPserver (which works fine with my Desktop and K3.4). any ideas what is wrong here?

During startup:
  • after the:
    ACPI Bios found, activating modules: ac battery button fan processor thermal
    it just stops loading. I solved this by using the knoppix26 chat-code. Does anyone have an idea what the problem with the normal kernel is?

  • When I use my USB-pendrive it just stops loading after:
    Scanning for harddisk partitions and creating /etc/fstab...
    . No solutions found yet...

Old version 3.3
My first linux contact was with Knoppix3.3 and it worked GREAT on both machines but I never found out how to get the correct screen resolution for my laptop, without having to use the cheatcode: "xmodule=fbdev fb1024x768" so a tip on that one would be nice aswell! I tried the screen resolution option within the configuration-panel of KDE. It worked when I stored my configuration files on a floppy, but it would not when I stored my config on the same drive as my homedir (the rest of the config stayed though).

A LOT of questions I know... but I'm eager to learn and maybe help some noobs when I master this great O.S. so if anyone can solve my DHCP problem I would b really grateful!

Wimmel, the linux N00B but certainly a Linux FAN!

P.S. Excuse my bad English!